Evidence for 830 years of seismic quiescence from palaeoseismology, archaeoseismology and historical seismicity along the Dead Sea fault in Syria

The Syrian National Seismological Network(SNSN): Monitoring A Major Continental Transform Fault

التقریر المرحلي الأول عن مشروع دراسة قاعدة البیانات الزل ا زلیة المتوفرة في المركز الوطني للزلازل

Seismic Hazard Assessment of Syria

First indications of high slip rates on active reverse faults NW of Damascus, Syria, from observations of deformed Quaternary sediments: Implications for the partitioning of crustal deformation in the Middle Eastern region

Crustal deformation in northwestern Arabia from GPS measurements in Syria: Slow slip rate along the northern Dead Sea Fault

Active crustal shortening in NE Syria revealed by deformed terraces of the River Euphrates

Estimation of Shallow S-Wave Velocity Structure in Damascus City, Syria, Using Microtremor Exploration

Spatial variations in the frequency-magnitude distribution of earthquakes in the southwestern Okinawa Trough

SEISAN tutorial

Estimation of Surface Geology Effect on Site Response Based on Nakamura's Technique _A Case Study in Eastern Ghoota, Damascus city, Syria

Preliminary Seismic Micro-Zoning Study for Damascus City by Using Microtremors